Martingilio Martial Arts Logo“I can’t believe the difference this class has made for my son’s confidence”
– John W.

Martingilio Martial Arts Logo“Master Chris holds my son accountable in and out of school.”
– Scott G.

Martingilio Martial Arts Logo“My daughter loves coming to class – it’s her favorite part of the day.”
– Brittney D.

Martingilio Martial Arts Logo“Martingilio Martial Arts is one of the finest schools you will find anywhere. You will not find a better place to learn practical, effective self-defense. Sensei Martingilio is a master instructor with years of experience teaching students of all ages. I regularly travel up to Madison to train with him, his students, and the host of world-class guest instructors who visit the dojo.”
– Edward Cavazos, 7th Degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor – Romeoville Isshin-Ryu Karate Club, Romeoville, IL.

Martingilio Martial Arts Logo“I have been studying multiple Martial Arts for over 35 years and hold 2 Master ranks. I live in a suburb south of Chicago and I travel to Madison (2.5 hrs) to train with Master Martingilio at least once a month if not more. I search out the best and most knowledgeable instructors to train with and that is exactly what I found at Martingilio Martial Arts. Whether you are a beginner or a Master rank, you will find expert instruction, great knowledge transfer and a phenomenal environment. ” – Master Jeff Burhop, 8th Degree Black Belt Isshin-Ryu Karate-jitsu

Martingilio Martial Arts Logo“My name is Luke Schlag. I’ve been training as a martial artist for about 8 years now. I originally trained at a Karate America school where we learned mostly Tae-Kwon-Do techniques. We had always known about Kyusho-Jitsu and what pressure points could do, but it wasn’t until I passed my Black Belt Test that I really began to study it. That’s when I met Master Chris, who very quickly began to help and guide me on that path. Every time I walk into his Dojo he calls me out by name and welcomes me in, he shows great care and consideration to all his students, but the level of hospitality kindness he extends to me, someone who isn’t from his Dojo, is absolutely moving.” – Luke Schlag, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Chief Instructor – Karate America, Green Bay, WI

Martingilio Martial Arts Logo“Master Chris is a tremendous instructor with the ability to accelerate the effectiveness of your martial arts. His extensive and broad knowledge of the fighting arts along with his insight and coaching abilities make training with him a MUST for the beginner to advanced practitioner. In fact, I travel from California to Madison several times a year to further improve my capabilities. Having studied martial arts since the 1970’s, and now as a 4th degree black belt, Master Chris has reignited the joy of training along with providing the depth and insight of pressure point fighting to produce the “magic” of karate with effective knock outs!” – Master Mitchell Pratt, 4th Degree Black Belt Isshin-Ryu Karate-jitsu, Los Angeles, CA

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