Ryukyu Kempo Tode-jitsu

Ryukyu Kempo is a striking style, close-quarter self-defense combat system. In this program, adults will learn applicable real world self-defense. The program teaches traditional martial arts using modern day applications. The program also incorporates team building to train adults to interact and work well with each other. Ryukyu Kempo is especially valuable for those careers that may require self-defense like police officers, security guards, etc.

Unlike most commercial martial arts programs, Ryukyu Kempo is not a sport-oriented martial art but instead prepares you for real world situations by teaching highly-effective yet feasible forms of self-defense. At Martingilio Martial Arts, you will actually learn the meaning behind the movements. Each move in kata has a purpose and instead of just memorizing the movement, you’ll understand how the technique works on the human body. You’ll also improve your physical abilities, your understanding of the way the body works and gain self-confidence through close interactions with other students.

With the program’s flexibility and Chris’s years of teaching experience, Ryukyu Kempo can be tailored to people of any size, shape or ability. Chris welcomes students of all backgrounds and abilities as he has taught a wide range of individuals–from those with severe physical disabilities to active military soldiers.

Ryukyu Kempo Tode-jitsu has been the way of martial arts in Okinawa hundreds of years. This is what martial arts was before the transition into what most people know as ‘modern karate’. Ryukyu Kempo is not a ‘style’ of martial arts like Goju-Ryu, Shorin-Ryu, Shuri-ryu, Tai Kwon Do and the list goes on. Rather, Ryukyu Kempo encompasses Okinawan arts with emphasis on life-protection techniques, regardless of an individual’s size. The concepts of Ryukyu Kempo bridge the gap between styles and aid the student in defining his or her techniques, regardless of style. Ryukyu Kempo incorporates many of the same concepts as ‘Acupuncture’; dealing with over 300 pressure points of the body, chi flow (also call Qi, Ki, or Bio-electric energy), yin & yang (positive & negative), the 12 bi-lateral body meridians, and the 5 elements (earth, wood, fire, metal, water).


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