Life Protection Arts

Martingilio Martial Arts practices and is affiliated with the Kyusho-jitsu Kenkyukai and Dillman Karate International.

Teaching life protection arts means that we do not do any tournaments. EVERY movement and technique has real self defense applications with no fancy moves meant to impress. We offer both classical martial arts and modern day training principles. If you have a concealed carry permit, this is the ONLY school to offer instruction for all weapons allowed by law. Receive training from the most qualified self defense instructors in Madison. No matter what your age, style, rank or physical ability, we can teach you how to effectively defend yourself. Don’t be a victim. Try our classes today.

Ryukyu Kempo

Ryukyu Kempo is a martial arts form that emphasizes self-defense and an understanding of the body’s mechanics to protect or exploit. This real-world discipline operates on the fundamental concepts of kyusho-jitsu, or pressure point striking, and tuite, or grappling/joint manipulation.

Modern Arnis

Modern Arnis is a Filipino stick and blade style of fighting that teaches students how to defend themselves against today’s modern weapons. In this program, students will learn how to tailor their martial arts knowledge and abilities to knife, gun and empty-handed attacks.

Self-Defense Rescripted

This self-defense program tailors important self-defense techniques for organizations’ needs. The program teaches self-defense re-scripted. It offers an invaluable tool to organizations that require physical training like police, rape crisis centers, security guards and more.

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