Kids Martial Arts

At Martingilio Martial Arts, we offer two kids programs: Karate Do and Karate-jitsu. Karate-do is a 30 minute class for kids aged 4 to 6 while Karate-jitsu is a 90 minute more advanced class for kids aged 7 to 15.

Master Chris’s years of teaching experience both in and out of the dojo create a fun, safe environment for kids to learn martial arts. With Master Chris’s drive to see children learn and grow, he devotes attention to each individual student and adapts his teaching technique so everyone can accomplish their goals.

At Martingilio Martial Arts, kids will earn much more than just trophies or ribbons–they’ll learn real self-defense and traditional martial arts techniques. Master Chris also teaches history and true meaning behind the movements.

Karate-do (ages 4-6)

In the Karate-do program, kids will learn coordination and dexterity along with listening and behavioral skills to improve their grade school experience.

The class combines elements of self-defense, fitness and social interactions to prepare children for their future marital arts career. These elements also benefit children’s educational and social lives along with improving outside sports performances like soccer, hockey or cross-country.

With Chris’s accommodating teaching style and the program’s focus on physical, mental and social growth, Karate-do at Martingilio Martial Arts is the exceptional choice for your child.

Karate-jitsu (ages 7 & up)

In this karate-jitsu program, kids and teens will learn real-world self defense in a safe and structured environment. Youth in this program are educated on how their body works by understanding the body’s abilities and limitations through self-defense.

Youth will also build relationships with their fellow students and gain confidence in their public speaking abilities. Students are expected to speak in front of the class and they themselves will learn how to teach by explaining movement’s and concepts to fellow classmates.

Youth will learn how to work through conflict and how to respectfully interact with all kinds of people in a positive, encouraging environment.

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