Tai Chi

  • Full mind and body awareness
  • An ancient art
  • Proven physical and mental health benefits
  • Slow, controlled movements
  • Relaxation and peace

All while still incorporating self-defense techniques and giving true meaning to the movements

Tai Chi is a Chinese-based martial arts that employs slow and controlled movements while still maintaining a self-defense format. The program teaches students how to use all of the secondary muscle groups in the body. Through Tai Chi’s style, students will strengthen ligaments and tendons to protect their joints. Tai Chi also offers tension and stress relief along with a whole host of other wellness benefits.

Whether you need to de-stress from a pressured day at the office, lower your blood pressure or physically recover from surgery, Tai Chi is the optimal martial arts program. Master Chris brings his cultural and historical knowledge of Tai Chi and martial arts in general to each and every class to provide meaning to the art and movement.

Unlike other schools, Martingilio Martial Art’s Tai Chi still incorporates self-defense and provides purpose to its movements. Movements are taught with their practical, applicable self-defense techniques to give deeper meaning to the Tai Chi practice. Tai Chi is a unique martial art that can be applied day to day in any situation while offering an abundance of physical and mental health benefits.


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