Martingilio Martial Arts

Martingilio Martial Arts offers a truly unique martial arts experience. Whether you’re seeking applicable real-world self-defense, an intense workout program or a kids program that teaches valuable life skills, Martingilio Martial Arts is the right place for you.

Founded in 2004, Master Chris opened Martingilio Martial Arts with the dream of sharing his skills and knowledge with students from all types of backgrounds and skill levels. Under the training of world-renowned martial artists, Master Chris has developed a expansive knowledge base in arts like Ryukyu Kempo Tode-jitsu and Shaolin Kempo, Kyusho-jitsu, Kali and Modern Arnis.

Martingilio Martial Arts offers a variety of classes but each class has a foundation of the same underlying principle–Kyusho-Jitsu. Each movement in kata is given true meaning and instructors demonstrate a variety of successful and useful applications for any given move. Unlike other dojos, each movement in every class has a purpose and an application. At Martingilio Martial Arts, instructors teach the “why” aspect many other schools lack while striking a balance between theory and application.

Instead of just going through the motions, Martingilio Martial Arts offers the unique opportunity to understand the traditional meaning of movements but apply them in a modern way. Following the principles of tuite or grappling/joint manipulation and Kyusho-Jitsu or pressure point striking, our martial arts classes teach effective self-defense for students of any ability or background. All of our programs apply the same approach and philosophy to teach students unique, rewarding and effective forms of martial arts.

Kids Martial Arts

Our kids programs teach real world self-defense while developing valuable life skills. Kids gain confidence, leadership and communication skills in a fun, educational environment. Martingilo Martial Arts has two kids classes. In our Karate-do class for ages 4-6, kids begin learning the concepts and movements to prepare them for their future martial arts training. In Karate-jitsu for ages 7 & up, kids will learn more advanced self-defense techniques.

Health & Fitness

Martingilio Martial Arts has two programs that focus on overall health and fitness. Tai Chi draws its attention to mental health, promoting peace and relaxation. Tai Chi also has physical health benefits, like lowering blood pressure, aiding arthritis and more. On the other hand, Kickboxing is an intense total-body workout that elevates your physical fitness. You’ll torch calories, become stronger, and look and feel better than ever.


Martingilio Martial Arts has three unique self-defense programs: Ryukyu Kempo, Modern Arnis and Corporate Self-Defense. Ryukyu Kempo teaches effective, real world self-defense by applying traditional philosophies to modern day techniques. Modern Arnis incorporates these same principles into a Filipino stick-fighting style. Corporate Self-Defense teaches basic effective self-defense in a team-building exercise.

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